SOM Menorca real estate innovation and sustainability


Riera Rosselló, a prestigious family real estate company, evolves to renew the Menorca real estate business based on innovation and sustainability.

SOM Menorca real estate innovation and sustainability

In 1990 Carmen Roselló had the project and initiative to start the real estate business in the north of Menorca. Her daughter Laura Riera continued together with her husband Ignasi Álvarez founding Riera Rosselló: the most influential real estate agency in the north of Menorca and one of the most prestigious on the island.

From the very beginning, their familiar and close approach was very well received by all the clients who placed their trust in them. Constant work and continuous training have been key factors in the development of a company that provides an honest and efficient service positive for everyone: both locals and visitors.

The purpose of improving the lives of the inhabitants of Menorca, ensuring the future of the new generations from a real estate activity that provides happiness to owners and clients, is today the spirit that has led to the creation of SOM Menorca.

Laura Riera and Ignasi Álvarez, who always work with the utmost respect and love for Menorca, take a big step to create SOM Menorca with a renewed purpose: in addition to keep on contributing to improve the lives of people on the island of Menorca, they serve and Prioritize the needs and concerns for a better world.

SOM Menorca is the new brand showing the new commitment in the real estate market for a present and future where the defense and promotion of sustainability, culture, tradition and conservation of Menorca are prioritized.

SOM Menorca establishes alliances and builds collaboration ties with organizations and groups promoting and protecting the culture and ecosystem of Menorca. SOM Menorca works with technicians and porfessionals with experience in aspects ecological materials, renewable energy and environmental protection in relation to real estate activity.

At SOM Menorca we have already implemented a program to reduce the environmental impact in our vacation rental homes through better waste management, proper use of water and efficient energy consumption.
At SOM Menorca we set the difference by accompanying and advising all owners so they can improve the energy efficiency rating of their houses and apartments, supporting conservation activities that ensure their value in the future.

Selling your apartment, buying your house, or renting your villa at SOM Menorca, in addition to being the most profitable and satisfactory choice, is also the opportunity to defend, protect and love the island of Menorca.

If you love Menorca too, we welcome you to SOM Menorca: the real estate agency where love for Menorca unites us.

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