We are activists

We know that the value of the island and its growing attraction depend on the preservation of its natural habitat, its traditions and its uniqueness.

As real estate agents with a vision of the future, we want Minorca to keep its authenticity and wealth in a sustainable way. This is the best way guarantee to preserve the attractiveness of the island and its real estate value.

Sa Cooperativa del camp de Menorca

Sa Cooperativa del Camp de Menorca is a historical entity that brings together 600 producers from the primary sector and promotes the consumption of local products through stores, online stores and by organizing guided tours to get closer to the local product.

SOM Menorca, a collaborating partner of Sa Cooperativa del Camp, shares its principles and values to be able to offer the wealth of Menorca in relation to local products and keep on standing up for the countryside, combining tradition and innovation to achieve excellence and sustainability as the best guarantee.

Cámara Menorca

The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Menorca, founded in 1906, has the purpose of promoting the economic development of Menorca and representing and defending the general interests of all productive sectors. it is also a consultative and collaborative institution for the Public Administrations.

Ignasi Alvarez, partner-administrator of SOM MENORCA, is a member of the Accommodation sector and a member of the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Menorca since 2018.

Plastic Free Menorca

Plastic Free Menorca is an alliance formed by several entities from Menorca with an important track record in the protection and preservation of the environment. The alliance join forces and knowledge to fight against plastic pollution.

SOM Menorca, in its commitment to the environment and care of Menorca, has also joined the Plastic Free Menorca alliance, taking the initiative through several actions such as the installation of a Beach Article Reuse Point (PRAP) with the aim of reducing abandonment and generation of waste caused by these items promoting their collective use and recycling.

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