SOM Menorca: Premio per la Sostenibilità e la Responsabilità.


The Smallcap and Midcap Companies Association PIME MENORCA has awarded us the PIME MENORCA LIDERA award in the Sustainability and Responsibility Award category during the event held at the Ferreries Auditorium on March 14, 2024.

SOM Menorca: Premio per la Sostenibilità e la Responsabilità.

The Sustainability and Responsibility Award is aimed at companies that remain stong in their environmental commitment and consistent in their application. 2024 award has gone to SOM Menorca, our real estate company in Minorca, for its comprehensive implementation of environmental and sustainability measures, as well as at the high level of corporate social responsibility, with an extensive program of actions throughout more than 30 years of experience in the real estate and holiday rental business in Minorca

In SOM Menorca, as real estate in Menorca and minorcan family business, we have always and since our origins developed our real estate activities with a deep respect for the landscape, culture and traditions of Minorca, since these elements are the most valueable and make Minorca a privileged island in the Mediterranean.

The climate change process that affects all of us leads us to strengthen our efforts in ourder our professional performance of real estate activities in Minorca allows progress in the sustainable growth of the minorcan economy, the protection of the landscape and the conservation of our culture and traditions. The improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings, waste management, saving water consumption, the promotion of nearby healthy food and the alliances with minorcan farms are part of the DNA of SOM Menordca. Actions that we promote daily within our real estate activity in Minorca.

The entire team that makes up SOM Menorca is grateful for the recognition that this award entails. WE offers our services and knowlege to the whole menorcan  community as to move towards a prosperous and sustainable future.


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