SOM Menorca offers free energy efficiency certificate


SOM Menorca will provide you the energy efficiency certificate free of charge. We will also provide you a very useful recommendation report for the owner.

Enjoy this opportunity to take a big step towards sustainability.

SOM Menorca offers free energy efficiency certificate

SOM Menorca offers the energy efficiency certificate FREE OF CHARGE to all owners who entrust us with the management of the rental or sale of their house or apartment in Menorca.

In addition, SOM Menorca adds a RECOMMENDATION REPORT detailing the actions to improve the energy efficiency of the property, thus improving its comfort and collaborating in the protection of the environment in Menorca.

The certification of the energy efficiency of properties is currently regulated by Royal Decree 390/2021 and is mandatory, with some exceptions, for the owner of any property in Spain subject to a sale or rental operation.

At SOM Menorca we have issued hundreds of energy efficiency certificates for houses and apartments in Menorca since their initial implementation in 2013. Our long experience has allowed us to verify that these certificates have lost much of their usefulness when perceived by the owners of real estate as a mere mandatory administrative procedure. Undoubtedly, this is due to the large amount of technical data and profusion of figures and measurements that the energy efficiency certificate contains and that are very difficult for the general public to understand.

The truth is that despite its complication, the certificate is very necessary since it qualifies a property for energy by calculating the annual energy consumption per square meter to satisfy the energy demand under normal conditions of occupation and operation (includes the production of hot water, heating, lighting, refrigeration and ventilation).

Likewise, the certificate also grants an indicative rating of CO2 emissions by associating the electricity or gas consumption of the property with certain CO2 emissions.

Do not miss this opportunity to take a leap towards comfort, conservation and savings that energy efficiency offers you. Your property and Menorca will thank you.

(Offer valid from July 27, 2023 to October 31, 2023. Check conditions)


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