SOM Menorca sustainability in holiday homes


At SOM Menorca we promote sustainable tourism actions in the holiday rental business in Menorca.

SOM Menorca sustainability in holiday homes

Since years ago we have been introducing improvements in our managed holiday villas and apartments aimed at greater sustainability by establishing water and electricity saving among others. We keep on moving towards a future where sustainability is an essential requirement.

On one side there is the legal compliance required by Law 03/2022 for the sustainability and circularity of Tourism. On the other side there is a need to raise awareness both among holiday home owners and holiday makers that we are in a natural and privileged environment qualified as Unesco’s Biosphere Reserve

Together with the Biosphere Reserve Agency and Viturme, we have launched a campaign under the slogan "One action, one island" that wants to convey the idea that the little things done by many will allow us to preserve our island as a Biosphere Reserve.

We have drawn up a decalogue of good practices ranging from small actions to reduce the consumption of resources such as water or energy to recommendations from experiences and consumption of local products.

We make available to everyone, both owners and visitors to Menorca, all the information from the "One action, one island" campaign to make them participants in the achievement of continuous care of Menorca and its environmental improvement.

At SOM Menorca we understand that the value of the island and the growing interest it arouses depends on the conservation of its natural habitat, its traditions and its uniqueness.

As real estate agents with a vision of the future, we want Menorca to maintain its authenticity and wealth in a sustainable manner, which will be the best guarantee of maintaining the attractiveness of the island and its real estate value.

If you also love Menorca, we welcome you to SOM Menorca, the real estate agency where love for Menorca unites us.

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